The business plan presents now an undeniable importance to the success of any startup company. Besides being useful for startups, the business plan is also very useful for already implemented on the market company to define its business model, increase their efficiency to eventually contribute to its expansion, is expanding within the same area of business or to new business areas.

The business plan of a project’s main functions:

  • Support the entrepreneur to understand all the variables of the business and also study, validate and test all these variables (market, business model, financing needed (such as average long-term financing) – as is the case of PAECPE Invest lines + and SMES growth – objectives of the company, future projects, project risks, among others);
  • Serve as a guiding line of the company’s activity and the business plan be a backbone of the company throughout its growth;
  • Be the presentation document of the company or project to stakeholders, since donors, banking, business angels, venture capital companies, suppliers, partners, partners, among others.

Recent studies reveal that the companies that do not have a structured business plan have a 31% higher probability of closing doors in the first year of activity. This point comes show the great importance of the business plan for companies, being something where entrepreneurs should not save.

The business plan does not guarantee total success but increases the likelihood of the company come to succeed.The preparation of the business plan might save a first year of full activity of headaches and can save a lot of money. The entrepreneur should always question how much will have to win if you haven’t prepared your business.

The business plan will contribute to the proper implementation of the project, obtaining financing, production efficiency and commercial, financial management, better identify the market, plan marketing, study the competition and benchmarking, in short, planning in a sustained manner.

 The InteligenTheory is a consultant specialized in the realization of investment projects. The business plans drawn up by us follow the latest methodologies and validate all aspects of the business model. Some credit lines require SMEs IAPMEI certification in addition to the business plan. Contact us